Gagarin FC - Krumovo,Yambol

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Welcome to the home page of our site, which was dedicated to raising awareness to the lack of funding and accessibility for kids in Bulgaria to play football. We started the football training club in May 2007 and it basically continued to become popular and grow in numbers. 

The youth of Krumovo in Yambol, proved to us that there was a real need for football in the community as they were very keen to play at every opportunity.  It wasn't just the kids in our area of Bulgaria who wanted to play.  We were approached by other villages too but like Krumovo there were no facilities to offer the game. Every village has a pitch but it's usually overgrown and is most likely used as grazing for donkeys and sheep! 

Sadly, we no longer run/manage the football club at Krumovo, however we wanted to keep this page for all the people involved to enjoy the great times we all had.

Thanks to everyone it was a fantastic experience we will never forget.

Nikki and Darren





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